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Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

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Monday, June 11, 2007

10:00 PM

Well, the long weekend has been boring, except for today at City Hunter, but even then, it wasn't that exciting, especially the lame-ass kids sitting next to us. I managed to pick up the next two issues of the Buffy comic, though. I don't really like comics, but these ones are alright, i just picture everything on a television screen, which kinda defeats the purpose i guess. Today, we were having lunch in KFC, and on the TOP LEVEL, there was a pigeon, i mean, how stupid. I was genuinely scared, and Danniel and Tommy are just laughing their heads off, well at least it showed Tommy that my fear isn't exaggerated, and i am scared. Like, in all seriousness, i rather an axe murderer be chasing me than touch a bird, that's how bad it is.

I found out some good news yesterday, that my mum is coming home this weekend (what a surprise, the weekend of the writing retreat), so that's really good. She'll be here for a while because she needs to do some temp work and get some mulah. At least now she can come to my formal.

I can't be bothered with school this week, i'm just over it. Bring on the holidays already, God knows how i'm meant to write a story before the weekend. I'm so ripping off the Matrix.


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Saturday, June 09, 2007

9:07 PM

Well yeah, i made a new layout just so i could bare to look at my blog without cringing. It'll do for now, it's not the best though, and most of the cool features, like the opacity, well there's only one cool feature, can only be seen in IE. It used to be the other way around, where i used to make things in Firefox, and they wouldn't work in IE. Oh well.

P!nk on Thursday night was awesome, she's a good live singer, almost the same as the CD. Just lets me imagine what it would be like seeing Britney live, unforgettable i bet.

I was worried about a Religion assignment i had, but it took me about an hour to do today, so yeah, that didn't take as long as i expected.

My dad wanted me to do a past HSC paper before tomorrow when i see him, i started doing the Business one but couldn't be fucking fucked, so i sort of cheated, i'm gonna give him one of my music past papers, which i did ages ago and was made to do in class anyway, there's no way he'd know. But i mean, seriously, as if i can be bothered doing past papers.

I definitely got the job at K-Mart. The manager called me on Thursday and told me that there were some papers i had to pick up, and fill in before my training on Wednesday night. I picked up the forms today, it says my Tax File details have to be registered at least 2 weeks before i start working, so i'm guessing it will be a while before i start actually working, i remember having this hassle with KFC too, when they were having trouble registering my Tax File Number. K-Mart seems good in respecting what days i'm available, though, unlike KFC, where i said i was available Thursday and weekends and that suddenly turns into every day.

I'm not really looking forward to the writing retreat, it's like wasting a whole weekend. Hopefully the performances and dress ups will be fun though. I'm already working out the schedule for taping and watching Big Brother. God knows how i'm gonna write a story before the retreat, i can't be fucking bothered.

Can't believe Paris is in jail for longer now, gosh, she should've just stayed in the first time.

My Grandma bought me a new stereo from Aldi on Thursday, so no longer listening to shit quality LCD speakers for me. Loves it. How hot is it.


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Monday, June 04, 2007

10:17 PM

Yes, yes, i know it's been ages, get over it and move on. I've been busy and could not be bothered, at least i haven't deleted it. I know someone who has.

Not much has happened in the past month. School is still shit, although it's quitened down now, and i'm not as busy as i was, say, the week before last. The biggest thing that has happened is that i've watched Spider-Man 3, if that's not a reflection of my life, i don't know what is. And the movie wasn't even that good, but probably because of the Indian guy next to me, it'll probably be better on DVD.

Phillip's decided he wants to go see P!nk, i'm happy to go, only because he's agreed to see Avril (or someone else i like) if they come, so that's alright. I only paid him today, yes, i am that poor. But it's ok, all is to be resolved soon, i think i've gotten a job at K-Mart, well i'm pretty sure, as i'm already doing the 'pre-employment' tests on the Coles Myer website. I'm just waiting for my Nintendo DS that i'm getting for my birthday. At first i wanted a phone, but then i realised i already have one, even if the battery is shit, so i want a DS, mostly to play the new Pokemon games.

It was my Grandma's birthday yesterday, didn't do anything really, we wanted to watch Shrek 2, but the video shop didn't have any, so we settled for Night at the Museum. It was alright i guess, if that's your cup of tea. And Phillip later informed me that Shrek 2 was on TV last night, oh please, i need to start getting a TV guide. I did make her a nice cake though, too bad it's nearly all gone now.

I HATE this layout so much, i'm not even visiting my blog to proofread this post because i don't care, i can't stand to look at the layout. I'll just wait until the weekend and make the hottest layout ever, i can just picture it in my head now.

Oh, yes, Britney made her comeback in the time since i haven't posted too, that was hot, that's about all i can remember from the whole thing.

And since i've had to pay Phillip for P!nk, i've pretty much been living on $0 the past couple of weeks, hence i haven't done anything exciting. I blew the first lump sum of money on the Spider-Man 3 game, which is in fact growing on me, and which i've grown to like after completing half of it. And the second lump sum was spent today on the P!nk ticket. And i'm still paying my Grandma off for the LCD she bought, so yes, i've bought some Neutrogena and some Lynx soap, and that's about it in the past couple of weeks. But i have been killing time by reading Harry Potter, even though i'm meant to be reading Dune. I just want to finish both book 5 and 6 before the movie and seventh book come out, so i'm in the zone. And reading the seventh one shouldn't be a problem now, seeing as i've dropped Extension 2. Yes, it's true. Actually, since i've dropped it, i've had a lot more time on my hands, and i won't start studying for my trials until the holidays, so i have a couple of more weeks of not doing much. Actually, i'm not sure i will study much in the holidays, i mean, there are 3 weeks of classes next term before them, which most probably will be revision classes. Yes, i just came to that realisation then. Well i guess my holidays will just be full of DS playing time then. I only really want it for the Pokemon games, and so i can use my Pokemon on the new Pokemon Stadium game. And eventually buy the Wi-Fi connection so i can vs. other people with my own pokemon. Talk about technology at its best.

Veronica Mars has ended :( What will be my Buffy replacement now? Here's hoping it's One Tree Hill, i'll buy the DVDs once i get some spare cash, hopefully with my next Centrelink payment. July will be a good month.

Oh yeah, and free Paris and Lindsay! NOW.


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Sunday, April 22, 2007

12:18 AM

I must say, when i made the decision to not sleep until 4am last night, i made a mistake. I set my alarm for 12, several alarms actually, but turned them off and actually slept until 2pm. I mean, anything after 1 is bad, because you lose your day. It gets dark a couple of hours after you wake up, and when it's 12am (like it is now), it feels as if it's 8pm or something. It's such a strange feeling and i don't like it, i have experienced it before, but never this bad. Well i've developed a plan to put my mobile phone at the other side of the room tomorrow morning, so i have to get up to turn it off. I'm aiming to get up at 10, so i can sleep early in order to get up early on Monday, but we'll see what happens. I know i won't be able to sleep until at least 3 tonight.

In other news, i watched TMNT the other night, i found it enjoyable, but probably only because i used to watch the cartoon as a kid, and it's nice reliving experienes from your childhood. I was lucky enough to find a file that was close to DVD quality, so that was good. I took Edwin to see Meet The Robinsons the other day too, but i was so freakin' tired that i fell asleep in the cinema! Edwin noticed and woke me up, but oh well, i slept when i got home. The movie was good, from what i gathered.

I'm not really bothered about going back to school, although it's gonna be a challenge juggling Big Brother, school, and possibly, a job. We'll just see what happens, i just know if there's an episode of Big Brother on, i'd watch it any day over doing any sort of school work, maybe i'll just have to learn how to multitask. Don't even get me started on how i'm going to read the new Harry Potter book so close to the actual HSC, i'll probably read it slowly, because last time i rushed my ass off to read the sixth one, as to avoid spoilers, and i took none of it in, hence why i'm re-reading it now, ready for the release of the new one (a chapter a day is my motto). I skipped reading the fifth though, i thought i had a good idea of what happened in it, but it turns out i don't, since i don't get any of the references to it in the sixth, i'll probably re-read it too before the movie comes out.

My Grandma and i have settled nicely into not having Aunty Ngaire here, the painter even came on Thursday and Friday, and our loungeroom and kitchen does look brighter now.

I'm sick of Extension 2, it's always at the back of mind, not because i care, because i fear what happens when i don't do any work. I just want to get back to school and get my exam marks back, i just have a feeling i did well, even though i've heard that nobody got an A in Extension, well there goes that hope.

It looks like i won't be getting ADSL2 for a while. Optus, only now advises me that they are unable to switch over my phone line from Iprimus, so i have to cancel the account with Iprimus in order for Optus to connect, which can take a minimum of a week, or so i'm told, and there is no way in hell i'm doing that, especially not in the holidays, and while Big Brother's on, so there goes that, and since Iprimus doesn't offer ADSL2, there's no way i can get it without having an outage time, great isn't it. Oh well, i'll live on 256k. By the way, i was on the phone to Optus for at least an hour before i got the correct information out of them, i reckon i went through every internet department they have before i got the information i needed.


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

6:01 PM

Freedom! That's the word i can find to describe the fact that the computer is now in my room, it's something i've always wanted - no more headphones, no more waiting for Grandma to go to bed to look at porn, it's bliss. I'm rarely in the lounge now, and the lounge is so much more spacious with the computer moved. Once the painters come it'll be like a completely different unit.

I cannot believe how fast these holidays are going, it seems like just yesterday i was at CityHunter last Saturday, we went again today, it seems to get less fun everytime, the fun actually comes afterwards when we window shop everywhere that we can think of. I also got the second issue of the new Buffy comics, loving it.

Carlos and Danniel came over on Thursday to help me put the desk up, and yes, it was quite a task, but we eventually got it done, Carlos slept over, and we saw 300 yesterday, it was an alright movie, i wouldn't say it's the best, but it was visually pleasing to watch, and thankfully, i managed to buy Avril's album while i was at it, it really grew on me, i can't believe that only a week ago i didn't like it. Carlos and I watched Little Miss Sunshine on Thursday night, it is an awesome movie, one of my favourites actually, it's funny yet depressing at the same time, black comedy i suppose, nothing like Monty Python though, nothing that extreme.

I guess i better start doing some work on Extension 2, i keep telling myself i'll start tomorrow, tomorrow, always tomorrow.

Why is the floor uneven in my room? Why does my new desk keep wobbling? Questions only the builders who built this place can answer.


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